Why Hire a Professional Paint Contractor?

The Paint Revolution Difference

DIY vs Professional Painting

Whether you’re gearing up to sell your home, angling for a good refinance on your mortgage or simply trying to keep up with the general maintenance that comes with being a conscientious home owner, hiring professional house painters to handle your exterior and interior paintwork can save you time and add value to your home. We know – it sounds crazy, because house painters are expensive. But today we’re going to share our take that professional house painting is money well spent.

Avoiding DIY frustrations

As professional painting contractors we can’t help ourselves from checking out your painted walls and trim and in true Minnesota Nice fashion we smile and keep our mouths shut. After all if we’re not there to offer an estimate or consult with you it would be rude to judge. There are many reasons people choose to DIY the painting projects in their homes, cost being chief among them but I also believe many people have not experienced the difference between a professional paint job and a DIY one. Some common flaws in DIY painting we find are:

  •  Roller lint and brush fibers in the paint.
  •  Wavy, uneven, or botched cut lines between ceilings, doors, and windows.
  •  Uneven coverage; not enough coats.
  •  Incorrect sheen for the room; such as matte or eggshell in a bathroom.
  •  And our biggest frustration; not caulking all the seams between trim and walls. Perhaps one of the most important things you can do for amazing results.

But I’m busy…

We understand, everyone is busy and after a long day at work you’re trying to slot a quick bedroom repaint into your schedule and there isn’t time to spend an entire day to sand and fill your walls. What if you want to tackle a bigger project like your kitchen or the entire house? Next time consider hiring a pro, your time is important and quality professional painters want your home to look as great as you do.

The perks of a professional Mankato Painting Service

The trouble comes from not understanding every aspect to a successful paint job the way house painters do. First, you have to choose the right materials. Second you’ll want to mask all your surfaces off to protect them. Then you have to prep all the surfaces by getting rid of worn paint, patching holes, refinishing, wallpaper removal..yikes!.. etc. Next you’ll do the actual painting, between two and four coats of paint depending on the materials, circumstances, and other variables.

Are you tired yet?

House painters then go on and clean everything up, dispose of any left-over materials (including paint and paint cans), and be sure that your home is left in spic and span condition. If you’re doing this on your own, we hate to break it to you, but you’ve got to go back inside and whip up dinner as well.

Hassle Free and Guaranteed

In addition to the convenience of having to do all the prep, work and cleanup yourself, hiring a professional house painter to freshen up the paintwork on your home both interior and exterior offers some serious benefits that you have to consider, such as:

  • Protect your investment – keeping the paintwork on your home in good repair with the help of professionals protects the structure and curb appeal of your home as well as the maintain the value of your interior.
  • Hassle-free service – rather than trying to shovel a major DIY project between other things, hiring professional house painters lets experts take the reigns lets you enjoy the benefit of having the work done without enduring the aggravation of figuring out where your municipal authority accepts old paint cans for disposal.
  • Guaranteed work – perhaps the best perk of working with professional house painters is that their work is guaranteed. If you do the job yourself and something goes wrong, whether the paint peels or those deck boards fade horribly the first time the sun comes out, you only have yourself to blame.  A professional’s job is less likely to go wrong in the first place, but in the event that the work is unsatisfactory, a professional house painter will stand by their work and make things right.

If you’re ready to discuss what a professional painting service can do for your next painting project contact us today!